Important Times at Sunset

2023-2024 Sunset Important Times

7:55 First Bell

8:00 Tardy Bell

11:10am -K & 1st Grade Lunch

11:35am- K & 1st Grade Recess

11:40am- 2nd & 3rd Grade Lunch

11:55am- 2nd & 3rd Grade Recess

11:40am- 4th & 5th Grade Recess

11:55am- 4th & 5th Grade Lunch

3:46 Dismissal Bell

Sunset Elementary 2023-2024 Fundraiser

18 days ago

We are committed to our students and teachers! 

Sunset Elementary has launched their yearly fundraiser! 
One of the biggest benefits to this fundraiser is that you do NOT have to purchase any items in order to support your students classes and teachers! This fundraisers allows you to donate any amount to any teacher at Sunset Elementary School. These funds provided teaching materials, student interaction items, incentive awards and much more!
We appreciate you!

Shop Merchants

Every time you shop at places like Walmart, Sam's Club, etc, we get a percentage donated to the school!


No need to purchase items in order to support our school! Donate to specific teachers and classes today!

Subscriptions & Goodies

Offering books, magazines, and other items, the purchase of these supports our school and provide funding for resources. 

Sunset Pledge

Everyday I will try my best. I will not quit. I will not rest. Until my brain has grown a bit And I have learned how to do it. If I fail I will be ok. I will just try a different way. I will say I just can't do it yet because I have a Growth Mindset!