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News from Principal Hafey
Sunset Pledge
Everyday I will try my best.
I will not quit. I will not rest.
Until my brain has grown a bit
And I have learned how to do it.
If I fail I will be ok.
I will just try a different way.
I will say I just can't do it yet
because I have a Growth Mindset!
  • Class vs Librarian
    From December 1st to January 2nd we will be having a Reading Race. Each class will put their reading readiness to the test by going into a head to head reading battle with our librarian.

    Classes in grades 1-3 will work together to take more AR tests in the time period than Mrs. Gunderson.

    Classes in 4th & 5th grade will work together to have more AR points than the librarian.

    Only tests passed with 80% or higher will count. Any class that can beat the Librarian in this reading race will win a Snow Party in January. We ask that parents help encourage students to keep reading and taking AR tests during the Christmas break to help their class earn this incentive.

    If you are having problems with being able to connect to the AR test website, please feel free to call Tilila Gunderson @ 826-6529 and she can help you set it up.
  • Duolingo
    Has begun! We had many students that applied! The first 25 were granted a spot! Those that were turned down for this first go-around will be up for open spots starting on February 27! Thank you to all our parents who are helping Elise Sullivan and myself make this happen for our students!